Ceramic tile HELP

I am trying to print a word on a 4x4 ceramic white tile from Lowes. Try 2 separate settings which I looked up. which I am obviously getting wrong because nothing is printing on the tile. any suggestions?

I’m going to move this to Beyond the Manual because staff won’t answer questions on use of non-PG materials

Tile often engraves basically invisibly - people fill the divot with markers or crayons or paint…so is it still completely smooth or is there an engraved mark that is the same colour as everything else?

Also, what are you trying to engrave onto the tile? What do you have your power/speed set to?

This thread: Etching Tile has a ridiculous amount of great info!


I figured it out lol I had poor setting to low. I had read up on the tiles, I used a black sharpie to fill in and it worked great. I won’t post pic it is a little off center. But I now know what I did wrong. thank you for responding. My first attempts there wasn’t any markings.


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