Ceramic Tile + Paint

This Tree of Life graphic has become my go-to for testing out new ideas.

I got a box of 100 ceramic 4x4" tiles from Home Depot, mispriced at $0.01 for the entire box!

  1. Masked the tile
  2. Engraved the graphic
  3. Spraypainted the tile with Rustoleum’s gun-metal paint + primer
  4. Unmasked
  5. Cleaned up
  6. Awesome

Jack (not Christine)



Just need to make a whole bunch of little stands and you’ll be in business :sunglasses::glowforge:


I’m going to HD tomorrow to buy some bulbs… i will definitely stop by the title department to see if I get lucky.


Love the graphic BTW.

Replying to @n_dawson’s “score” comment…

No, engrave! It’s tile. :wink:


Fyi, I believe the 1 cent items at home depot are marked with that price to let the manager know they’re not supposed to sell them. If someone finds them on the shelf and tries to buy them, they’ll generally let it happen. It’s usually best to use self checkout for those items though.


Really great results! What masking did you use? Just regular masking tape?

Had to click like button just because of the purchase price ^_^.

BTW the tile looks awesome, see all these tile projects is making me want to pick up some tiles just for fun.

Bruce: sorry for the late reply. Yup, just masking tape.


Very nice. Inspired!
We have a Habitat for humanity ReStore store near us. Great palce to shop for odds and ends for projects. old and new stuff from someone’s remodeling. just bought 10 White ceramic tile for $1.

What settings did you use for the glossy tile? Also, do you think you would get the same result if you didn’t mask?

Settings for non-Proofgrade materials can’t be discussed in this forum. You’ll find plenty of discussion on tile in the Beyond the Manual forum.

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I apologize.

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No worries…there are some things on the forum that take some getting used to. We’ve all done them at some point.

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