Ceramic Tile

Can you cut and/or engrave on ceramic tile such as you would purchase at Home Depot?

It depends on the tile and the effect you’re looking for. Some are high contrast and some are very low. There’s a product called Cermark that will make any engraving come out black, which can help.

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Terrific. Thanks for the quick reply! You’ve got what looks like a great product here, can’t wait for mine!

An old topic, but I thought I’d add a little to it.

tried a 59¢ gloss black ceramic tile from Lowes.

settings were full power, 400 speed, 225 lpi. 0.31 inch focus. paper application tape masking. Basic GF

after about 21 minutes, with the masking still on

after removing the masking. the contrast looks a lot better in the photo than actual. really just roughed it up with a very slight engrave.

took a cheap paint pen from Walmart, applied and then wiped off. I think it works fairly well. Will probably CNC a wood holder for it.