Ceramic tiles for Asian New Year

We got invited to an Asian New Year’s party and had some spare ceramic tiles…
Happy Tết.

I used white ceramic tile from Home Depot. Settings were 600 / full / 270 lpi (although speeding it up to 900 probably won’t make too much difference). I then used a Craft Smart wide line permanent marker from Michaels over the whole tile, which seems to provide a more uniform coating than Sharpies. After it dried, I wiped the tile with a VERY SLIGHTLY water-dampened paper towel over the tile, followed by a dry towel. Water seems to keep the color saturation much better in the porous ceramic than using any other solvent. You can use a small amount of alcohol as a cleanup over the glaze, so long as you avoid the exposed porous ceramic. The marker is similar to the one in the following link (but in red): https://www.michaels.com/wide-line-waterproof-marker-by-craft-smart/M10514268.html?dwvar_M10514268_size=15%20mm&dwvar_M10514268_color=Gold#q=craft+smart+markers&start=16


Very nice coverage, and I would suspect its Year of the Pig :slight_smile:


Good guess.:grin::pig:

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It’s so much fun to work something up on the fly for what is going on in our world. These look great!


What a unique party gift. You nailed it!

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Very well done

Those designs are amazing!

Is there quite a bit of flame when you engrave these? I tried to do a tiny ceramic bowl but the flame was much larger than I expected and I panicked and canceled the print. It wasn’t as high as the print box but MUCH more pronounced than with wood or acrylic.

Good news is ceramic won’t catch on fire…


I wonder if you did that form stuff? Probably too poisonous anyway :nauseated_face:

If I can find someone with an appropriate kiln I will


I was more concerned about the flame killing my laser

These are beautiful!
Do you cover them with anything to protect the color? A glaze or anything?

I didn’t in this case, but you could always spray them with a clear spray after coloring them to keep the color water resistant. For example, if you are making slate coasters, you should spray the coasters with clear acrylic spray before and after engraving.


Good idea. Thank you.