Ceramic tiles

Did ceramic tiles today. These took an hour to engrave! I think I need to cut out some detail to get the time down so they can be profitable


Oh, I have some of those same images! May help to modify the files a bit to increase the contrast–especially on the octopus–to show the details better! (or convert to grey scale and go down to 2 color and see if you like that better…). I usually etch on leather, so I nearly always have to modify the images like that to get the best result…


Thank you for the tips! I got these from pixabay. I love that site for clip art! The sharpie on tiles look is amazing and I wanted to try. What do you make with your leather?


I use PNGTree a lot for images, too!
So far with some left over tiles from other projects which have a thick glaze, I get a reaction on the top surface, and don’t cut into the tile body itself, so I’ve not tried the sharpie coloring method yet!

I’ve been making a variety of leather items for years–various bags & pouches, wrist bands, only a small % of stuff in my Etsy shop, but guitar straps is my main thing there, and I use the GF for adding my logo and customizing plain leather straps. But I do a lot of small zip pouches w/ various etchings and “valet trays” with etching in the center–octopus and owls have been most popular last couple of years at shows (though none last year & only a few lined up for the rest of the year so far…). Hair holders are popular, too. And I’ve dabbled with key chains with cut & etched acrylic or etched leather…


These look nice!

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Awesome! Sounds like you do a bit of everything! I’m hoping to find my niche and be able to sell sell sell :joy:

Thank you!

Good luck–I’ve tried a variety of show types over the years, and it’s interesting (and at times frustrating) how interest in items can vary greatly based on location… Though I am not good at keeping up with fads–which pending the type of product & show, can be really important! But it’s nice to have a range in price points, too. I tend to stuff my booth, but usually “less is more” is the best strategy (loads of websites with great info and ideas for booth/tables for craft shows). On-line is another story, but key is any shop is good photography & descriptions! (Someone once noted take photos like there’s no description, write the description like there are no photos–great advice!)

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That sounds like great advice! I’ve done shows with other things and have done really well. I’ve never tried online so this will be new.