Cermark 6000 test on stainless

Today I did some engraving on stainless steel using Cermark LMM6000 black. I first cleaned the surface (which was orbital sanded) with acetone. I then applied a single, light coat of Cermark.
then etched some samples. I found the process to be fairly tolerant of speed and power settings, but I settled on the Speed=1000, Power=full (OR 100 worked well too). Resolution of 340 lip

See picture below for results


Looks great, thanks for sharing the settings.

Have you figured out how much this costs per square inch or some similar metric?

Looks good. I have always had good luck with it on stainless too. It lasts as well. Thanks for sharing.

no clue on how long a can will last, but it only takes a light dusting to cover the metal. seems like it will last quite a while, as long as I don’t clog the nozzle…

How long will those markings last? Does it come off easily?

Not positive, but the marking mediums create a chemical bond to the metal with the heat of the laser…so I think they last indefinitely.

Says “permanent”, and no it doesn’t come off, even with some scraping with an exacto knife.


Or a flap disk in an angle grinder.

I have no idea if it’s Cermark but I’ve had a Yeti tumbler for about a decade and the obviously laser-marking has held up just fine. It shows a little physical wear from various cupholders over the years.

People coat firearms components with a similar product (cerakote) which is baked-on, and it’s pretty much considered “lifetime”.

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