Cermark Alternatives

I did search a bit about that because cermark is so expensive.

Found this:
Cermark alternative

Engraving with plaster

Laser Marking with Moly

dry moly spray tests


If you search the forums, you’ll see that this has been discussed quite a bit! Someone recently did a trial of some of the alternatives and gave their results. Thanks for putting a few links together in a single spot, though.

And especially thanks for the Plaster of Paris and Isopropyl Alcohol trick - I am pretty sure that was not mentioned in any other thread yet!

it certainly was not. nice. Notice the comment about mayer rods for the Cermark Alternative item, and the comment on the second item about the plaster method (maybe) working because of the chromium content of the stainless steel flask.

I’m going to have to experiment with the Plaster of Paris for sure!

On a German site i found that Isopropyl Alcohol , Plaster and Chrom polish works best.

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Could you share the site please?

Great info in these, thank you!




I just saw a photo of some metal marking by someone at a makerspace a few towns away using a homemade plaster and isopropyl alcohol mixture. It looked really good.