Cermark Raster on Brass



I saw this on the Facebook laser forum. Thought I would share with everyone here. It came out really well. Can’t wait to see what people are making in a months time.


Very nice. Love the artwork.


Wow. That’s just dithered?



“Just a test on brass…I used cermark LMM 6000 …100mm/sec speed 70% Power, 300DPI.”


Maybe when all these GFs make it to their destinations CerMark will actually drop to a reasonable price - greater demand, opportunity for higher production, lower costs, less profit needed per sale. I didn’t really pay attention in Economics like I should have, but I think it went something like that.


Oh, so cool.


Maybe Zippo engraving :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@zerbyte75 happy cake day :wink:


Good job! looks great, sharp details.


Yes. I’d like to see something like this done on a beta forge. That would bring some squeee. I’ve noted that the Facebook group has lots of posts of engravings like this. It’s a big part of the allure of a laser.


Happy, happy cake day!..or is it birthday? Either way, hope it’s great.


Happy birthday :confetti_ball:


Aye, I’ve asked for this a number of times, but it hasn’t shown up yet. Apparently their raster engine is still under development


I am hoping to be able to do this for a friend of mine. I am hoping a sample of CerMark comes with each Glowforge.


You’ve got it right up until they go, “but extra profits from maintaining same retail price!” :money_mouth_face:


This looks great! I just tried moly on brass and got nada. I might bring myself to the painful place of buying the Cermark!


Dry Moly lube works on steel.


Initially when demand goes up it exceeds supply, so price goes up. :frowning: But if the sales volume doubles on an ongoing basis, yeah, hopefully prices come down. Is there any good competition for CereMark?


Used to be Thermark but then the two companies merged :slight_smile:


On my non GF laser I’ve used both Bright Galvanizing Spray and Cold Galvanizing Spray from Rust-o-leum. They seem to work on steel and aluminum (but not polished aluminum last time I tried). I haven’t tried it on brass yet. Neither was as dark as thermark though.