Certified Tubeologist


I just wanted to start the line for certified Tubeologist training. I’d gladly fly out to Seattle for a few days to get certified. I’m in Northern Illinois (Rockton) and would be happy to do a replacement service. :smiley:


Ditto. And I’m in central IL, so I could service both machines down here.


I already to tech support and repair for a 3D printer company. I am happy to get certified on GlowForge also and handle the SW US area since I am based in Phoenix.


I’m game! I’m in the Greater Boston area.


I’d love to do this also. Especially internationally! My wife and I could meet fellow Glowfolk, fix their Glowforge, and extend the stay in the country. It would be like getting a discount on your vacation.


Ditto. I am from Germany, but have friends and family near Boston and Northern California. So training at the HQ or Boston/New York would be nice.


I think this could easily be done and also be a very good thing for a company like Glowforge. It would connect the community, which would be a great thing. But it doesn’t even have to be that difficult. Once you get enough people trained, you just have a website where you look for your closest service center. Schedule the repair, Glowforge sends the tube to the repair center, customer stops by to have it replaced that day. I believe I read @dan say that the replacement takes minutes not hours. You could make one trip and have your GF as good as new. You could also add options like Filter recharge, belt tensioning any kind of PM work. I think its a great idea.


I will offer to get trained. North Washington, could also handle our western Canadian neighbors.


Nova Scotia, Canada. Willing to do the same.


I’d do it for the Colorado folk


SW Michigan. I’m in.


Itinerant tubeologist. Like piano tuners, only not.


All users who area willing to do the work themselves should be able to do it.


I’d be happy to offer coverage to the 4 corners. I’d just add it to my side business.

I could do Albuquerque and Santa Fe but I think we should try and keep areas smaller and I’m sure there is someone over there who would jump at the chance.


I concur. I have no issues with becoming an ‘authorized’ tube/repair location. I am pretty well equipped to handle something like that. Glowforge could (theoretically) provide X axis assemblies with the tube and no steppers, down draft fan or the head assembly. As these could be pulled from the old assembly. Then give the authorized tech a certified calibration function / pattern to run on the machine and submit to them for documentation and inspection. Then RMA the old x axis to be refurbished by sending it back to manufacture or GFHQ. The tubes could be recycled / repaired (aka recharged) then it could be recirculated back out as a repair part for another unit.


This post isn’t about that. Take your complaints about tube replacement up with Glowforge. We’re just out here having a good time and letting GF know that there are people willing to do this.

On a side note: I completely understand the GF concern about liability. That doesn’t mean I agree with it. Just that I understand. The last thing @dan wants is someone who thought they were better equipped to deal with the tube replacement then they really were. Then we have to deal with people breaking the glass tube, getting cut by the glass tube, aligning things wrong. I totally get it. Still doesn’t mean I agree with it, just that from a business stand point I get the concern.


I think it is relevant. Everyone should be able to become an “authorized” repair person if they choose to. What exactly if this model of “certified” people to repair comes into play would prevent that? I think the post is on target with the discussion.


Will gladly support the four corners area here. Bean Settlement, Upper Skaggs Run, Constable Hollow and Rock Oak.


I think you’re absolutely correct. Everyone should be able to become an “authorized” repair person. But thats not what your post said. You said “All users who area willing to do the work themselves should be able to do it.” These are two different statements.


Heck an approach like this might be the answer for it being user replaceable. Maybe I’m too tech savvy and just see this as super easy.

My parents still call me over to reset their modem… :confused: