Chalkboard Settings

What type of material do you choose?

That’s what the “use uncertified material” button is for.

Unless I’m using proof grade, I don’t really pay attention to the material as I set it where I want based on previous results.

What settings do you use for the chalkboard / whiteboard from Home Depot ?

My board says it’s 3/16


1 pass or 2?


I tried that and it didn’t go through and it sparked like crazy

What should the focus height be?

When I have one that doesn’t cut through, I start dropping the speed down. Did it cut through anywhere? Are the mirrors and lenses all clean? Is your air assist fan clogged and dirty? Before slowing down make sure to check these things.

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Just cleaned my mirrors, lenses and my fan. It didn’t go through anywhere. What do you set your focus height to?

I always manually focus where my pattern is going to cut.

I’m new I don’t know how to do that? Any suggestions?

Click on the three dots and it will bring up this screen. Select “Set Focus”. Position cursor over area you want to measure and press mouse button. Watch as it focuses to ensure you see the red light on the material.

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And welcome to the forum. We are here to help. Selecting the magnifying glass brings up a search function that will scan the thousand of posts archived. It will be one of you best friends as you get more comfortable, but this forum (if you get involved, read posts, talk to others… will be your best tool in learning your machine.


The earrings are beautiful . Box too!

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Hey there, I tried searching to forum but to no avail. Did you ever figure out good settings without sparking?