Chalkboard/whiteboard safe?

Hi all,
I know there’s a lot of people using the HD whiteboard/chalkboard but I’m still nervous about whether it’s safe to cut. It looks like it might have plastic in it and I thought that was toxic to cut. I wasn’t able to find anything about what it’s made of other than MDF center. Does anyone have any clue what the material is and if it really is safe?
Thanks so much!

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Here is what I was told by their customer service when asked:

I’ve used plenty of it and have had no serious issues with my machines, as have many others. There are some people who use it far more and have not had any problems. Like anything else that we put under our lasers, it’s up to you whether you’re comfortable or not burning a material, regardless of the experiences of others here.


Thanks. I’m such a worry wart about everything. It looks like it’s plastic or vinyl (the chalkboard side especially) which freaked me out after I bought it.

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Totally understand! It’s a bit more shiny than a regular primer. That’s what prompted me to ask online, much like you. Better to be cautious!


The stuff I’ve used from Home Depot does appear to have some kind of plastic coating on the white site. I’ve used a fair amount of it and at times - mostly with fine cuts or engraves - that layer will peel off, leaving a less-glossy finish. I’ll also note it’s probably the “dirtiest” material I’ve used, in terms of the amount of debris it leaves all over the machine. That said, it doesn’t concern me or prevent me from using it.


To be clear only vinyl is toxic to cut - which means that PVC plastic (poly vinyl chloride) is a no no. Plastic is a generic term for a LOT of things, but most plastic (acrylic for example) is just fine. Some cut better than others, but don’t let plastic be a boogie-man in general :slight_smile:


Ah that’s so good to know! I was definitely confusing the 2. Thanks for the advice!

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