Change color on Background of workspace

The black background on the workspace is hard to see. If there a way to change it to White? I am sure this is something simple and we have completely overlooked it and will seem like a stupid question. But if we are working with a busy print it is difficult on the solid black background.

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The background can be white if you put a piece of masked material in the Glowforge as your last scanned image of the bed. I agree it would be nice if it was a choice rather than a work around.


It woudl be a nice addition to the UI to be able to toggle the background between “photo of the bed” and “solid color of your choice”. This is a good idea, and not one that I have seen posted on the forum, which is saying something. It’s really rare for me to see a good idea here I haven’t heard before.

Unfortunately, Glowforge staff doesn’t always read this part of the forum. If you want them to see the idea – and you should, because it’s pretty great, simple and useful – then you need to repost this in problems and support category, or email It’s the only way to be sure that they see it.


I agree, that would be a great idea!

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A fun little assignment for anyone who wants to learn how to make browser extensions.

[edit] It only takes two tiny CSS tweaks:


I still have your mod for audio when it’s ready to print, along with the “you may fire when ready” clip. Makes me giggle, every time.

So how do we insert this one?

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Ok, here you go, two bookmarklets:

Not quite as much fun as a plugin, but infinitely faster for me to slap up on a web page.

WARNING: Largely untested, 30 second proof of concept only. No support provided, use at your own risk, may cause your hamster to watch excessive daytime television.


Works like a charm.

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If only we were that techie… lol. I need a download.

I hope you’re able to try the bookmarklet. I can’t promise it will keep working if Glowforge changes the internal structure of their app, but I’m curious to see if it helps.

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My roku powered tv uses the hamster and it’s wheel for power occasionally. It tells me so when booting.

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Thank you, Chris!!!

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