Changes over time

For those few who have acquired multiple Glowforges spaced apart (through replacement or augmenting your stock), what changes have you noticed?

My wife took two of our three Glowforges on a trip, which involved packing them up. Doing this, I noticed that each one had different cardboard and packing material. Shortly before that she had noted on our most recent purchase that the decorations on the lid had changed. And today when I was cleaning all three machines, I noticed that on the metal ring for the lens of the latest one, there are engraved arrows to indicate dirction, as well as a :glowforge: logo and a QR code which my phone cannot read due to being low contrast, tiny, and on a reflective curved surface.


packaging has changed pretty significantly. more packing material above the glass (both foam and the big sheet of cardboard) as well as the corner rails on all four long corner edges with big straps around the outside of the box.


It looks like you might have the most data of anyone.

I do remember that between my PRU and my relatively early production unit there were a lot of subtle refinements. Mostly fit and finish.
Dan has said that there will always be these changes for two reasons. 1) they figured out that something is better, and 2) simple change of vender.

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I know they’ve changed the gantry locks to a stepped shoulder design rather than utilizing the rubber washers that people frequently found in their machines when setting it up.

They’ve started putting a flat piece of foam over the lid area.

Some pieces of little tape between the fold down door and the case.

The bottom of the case (beneath the crumb tray) is a much smoother texture.

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Looking at a few pics on the Facebook, I notice they’ve removed the LED flash units that are by the lid camera.

Mine is a recent replacement but the place for those lights are still there. There is a bit of plastic , but I thought the lights were still behind them where they were obvious before, I do not ever recall seeing them lit up however even on the early one.

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They may be just a much slimmer profile light. I haven’t seen them light up in a long, long time either.

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