Changing order

@dan who do I email to change my order I no longer need the air filter and it just doesn’t sound very effective for the lifespan of it.


You should e-mail


Thx :space_invader::robot::nerd_face:


Not sure that we have any definitive numbers about the effectiveness or lifespan of the filter.

Of course, it is extremely unlikely that it will last as long as a window vent, unless you have a very poorly made window. :slight_smile:


I considered the filter. Gave it a LOT of thought. Decided against it in the end.

If I was getting the GF for my house, I would have skipped the filter. Since it is going into my shop, which has cement walls and no operable windows, the filter was a necessity. I did recently find a vent in the ceiling that I may be able to take advantage of, where the restroom fan would vent to if it functioned (it does not), but that would mean putting it into a tight corner and not being able to use the passthrough effectively, or being able to watch it from my desk.

I got a pro, so sort of roped into the filter. I would of thought a little bit more about it, but they did make it that you can switch to a vent after. So saves me from having to buy tubes and pipes day one…

PS I am aware I may not get the filter on shipping day.


You can get the pro without a filter if you contact support.


In addendum to @GrooveStranger, it was a later buying option they added that you can freely “downgrade” to.

Although, with the pricing increase, does that alter how much you’d get back? @dan


Using a longer vent hose and a booster fan might be a solution for you. Thats what I did when I got my first laser that I ran in my house.


@dan I would have liked for them to reply other than the refund would take place in a couple of days when I explicitly told them I DONT HAVE THAT CARD ANYMORE!!! So we’re the hell is the money going and they still haven’t replied… @glowforgehelpdesk

There is an automated message after you cancel…I’m sure they will get you taken care of. If the card is no longer valid, generally the bank that issued the card will issue the refund. If you no longer have an account with them, it will take a bit longer to go through the process…unfortunately Glowforge has no control over the banks time table.


Figured it out all good now thanks for the help all :grin:

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I don’t remember the answer to this - if you email they can tell you exactly.