Changing the defaults in Inkscape

I’m using inkscape 1.1, and I always “save as” a plain svg. , rather than the default Inkscape.svg. , a habit that started years ago when there were issues that I now forget !(Seriously senior moments)

Is there a safe way of changing the config file to get the default to plain svg, or is it merely a case of changing the properties of the template that I always open for Goldfinger to work in ?

John (still kicking)


There’s a default template. You basically save your svg how you like it, rename it and place it in the correct space. Then whenever you open a new doc it’s based on that.

Let me google it for you.


Aha I’m glad I did because it’s easier now after 1.0.


I’m glad to hear you’re still kicking!

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Hey, thanks for this! It will save me a lot of time :grinning:

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