Chapstick Coozy



It’s a lot cheaper than Burts to make your own and it tastes better. (Pretty easy too.)


I’ve used several types of chap stick and some actually make my lips MORE chapped. Burt’s seems to be the only one that works for me. What does it cost to make it yourself? Never thought about doing that.


On a per stick basis, it’s a fraction of the cost of the Burt’s Bees, but you tend to have to buy things in bulk to get started, so up front cost is a bit steep.

You can save a bit of $$ if you save your old tubes and just refill them, but they’re not that bad. (I get most of the stuff on Amazon - they sell smaller lots of the tubes.)

The expensive part is the flavor oil, because you can’t generally just buy the few drops you need, but it lasts for years, so I’m set for life for me, and my family, and my friends and… :smile:


When I was a lightweight backpacker turned one-bag travel fanatic I used to use those to make one-trip deodorant tubes. Took Tom’s of Maine deodorant and melted it down to pour into the Amazon tubes.

Then I decided I was getting ridiculous about shaving ounces from my luggage. But I still pack in one-bag no matter where I’m going or for how long.


I did a little mini-deodorant thing for the case in my purse, which could technically qualify as a lightweight backpack - it weighs about 70lbs and can be used as a lethal weapon if swung with accuracy.

A few years ago i wound up in the hospital unexpectedly overnight, and I was so glad I had it with me. (Just wish I’d remembered to keep a toothbrush in there too. Did have floss.) :smile:



When I was backpacking my base pack weight (pack, tent, sleeping bag) was 4lbs. :smile:

When I’m traveling now my bag & contents never goes over 20lbs and fits under the seat in front of me. My staff has learned - never check a bag and get TSA (I pay for that for them). I could put the bodies of people I’ve wanted to kill in some of the suitcases I see at airports :smile:


My camera gear takes up one bag alone. :wink:

It is a legit flight approved bag though (overhead, not under seat). When it is all zipped up (backpack harness) it slides right into one of those test frames they have at the gate.

When I went to Guatemala customs stopped me going INTO the country. They inventoried all my gear and noted it in my passport. Said that if I didn’t show it on the way out I would have to pay duty fees if I ever returned. They couldn’t believe one person would travel with so much camera gear. :smiley:


Oh okay…heavyweight backpack then! :smile:


That’s the Expedition sized (& weight) backpack :slight_smile:

I did that once. Actually twice. First time was for a week and I knew I needed everything in there. Second (and last) time it was for an overnight and I still had all the same stuff. I figured out then I had a problem :smile:

Convinced me that backpacking would kill me.

When I took my crew to Philmont we were the only ones the rangers didn’t have leave half their stuff behind in a basecamp locker :slight_smile: It’s so much easier when you’re only carrying 20lbs than when you’re carrying 40 or 50 even if you can - and I have the utmost respect for the Army where 120lb packs full of ammo are needed to keep alive.


You ought to see the weight on our bugout bags. (Think pack mule.) :smile:

I’ve finally decided the world isn’t going to end any time soon though and plan to get rid of most of that stuff. Remind me to pay no attention in the future to the alarmists on either side of the aisle.


Consider extending every other hinge joint by the depth of the top and bottom piece. Then cut out holes in the top and bottom piece where those will line up. It’ll probably add a lot of strength too.


That’s a good suggestion. Finger joints would solve the stability problem while it’s being glued. :grinning::+1:


Those poor, poor Florida employees…


:smile::smile::smile::heart_eyes_cat: thats pretty cool