Chapstick Coozy

Haven’t quite worked out an easy way to assemble this one yet, since gluing it closed requires half a box of rubber bands, but it’s what I was playing with, so I figured I’d show it. :smile:

Every few years I whip up a batch of lip balm for the family and give them as stocking stuffers. (In tasty grown-up flavors like Creme Brulee and Cappucino. :yum:) But they tend to be kind of boring in the little white tubes and now I can dress them up a little.

(I wonder if they do a Budweiser flavor oil?)


If anybody were to ask if I knew of anyone who would make something fun, cool, and really quite lovely as this, one name would have come to mind…yours. Great dress-up for an everyday kind of thing.


Awwww, what a cute little item! Never seen a pattern engraved on a living hinge before–nice!


Sorry Jules, but I really thought the title suggested you’d made a chopstick cozy.
Ah well, next project maybe ?

< :upside_down_face: >


Thanks guys! (Hmmmn - chopsticks…) :thinking:

:grinning: Happy accident…I was reusing a piece (my first goof) that had @smcgathyfay 's narwhal engraved on the backside, and when I peeled it, I liked the way it turned out, so for the final version, I added an engraved pattern.

(Your narwhal is still inspiring a lot of very cool stuff girl!) :wink:


:smile:Nope…wouldn’t work. Hubs would probably holler for wasting his beer that way.
(Totally kidding, but I was sort of thinking that he might like a beer flavored version…hmmmn. Maybe I will.
All he can do is laugh.)


WTH - might try it. Thanks for the idea.

Wow you must love your chapstick…lol :+1:


Really cool idea engraving on a living hinge! Fertile imagination you have there. :sunglasses:


This is the coolest little project!!! Nice job @Jules !


I do a Porter based soap :slight_smile: I don’t bother reducing the porter though - just account for the water content in my calculations for saponification purposes. Have you tried it without reducing it? Am interested in what the difference is. It would seem to make it harder to get the ratios right since the water content wouldn’t be as predictable as straight from the bottle - do you end up with a superfatted soap?


I’ve got to do some in the next couple of weeks or I’ll be back to using Ivory while a batch dries :slight_smile: Just been too busy. I do mine hot process though so it’s not as long a wait as the cold process method but I still like it to harden off for a few weeks before using. I’m down to my last batch of rendered tallow though so I’ve got an all day effort coming up either this time (in prep for the next batch) or next time (because I didn’t do a render this time).

I found a commercial soap once years ago that used “sodium tallowate” :slight_smile: So I replicated it but using essential oils instead of perfumes. It takes me a day to render in a big pot on the gas grill’s side burner. My wife would never let me do that inside. It’s also something better done in the fall/early spring because a hot/humid day would be just awful :smile:

I’m doing fat/oil mixes now - shea butter, jojoba, etc to play with the sudsing characteristics of the soap. We’ve got hard water so I customize the base oil mix to make something that works well with our water :slight_smile:

The tallow sometimes gets used for french fries though - outstandingly delicious!


:grinning: Awesome! I’ll have to check it out. (I wonder how my supply of beeswax is doing?) :+1:


This is so cool! I like the flavours you whipped up!

I got Captain Awesome some bacon flavoured chapstick before since he loves bacon.

Bacon = Bueno

Bacon Flavoured Chapstick = Not so bueno

Bacon Chaptick


@Jules, Budweiser flavored oil… not sure about an oil but you can get beer buds (wine buds too) which are dehydrated kinda a soft fluffy powder which you could try enfusing an oil with.

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Haha, I like this. With those flavours I think I’d just end up eating it. haha

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My mom practically does…I have to usually do her an extra batch mid-year. (how’s Mumford doing?) :grinning:

As a regular Burt’s Bees Wax user, I may have to borrow this idea!