Character Design



This is my 14 yr old daughter Lotti’s Instagram page:

When I get my GF, she will be designing a range of animal themed jewellery for me.

She is just starting up a little online business designing characters to commission. She’s charging a very low price - between £5 to £25 - so if anybody needs an original character created, please drop her a line.


Beautiful work! Can’t believe she’s only fourteen and doing that quality. (Must take after dad.) :wink:


Reminds me of own daughters early work. Very nice.
Good luck to her


I didn’t even know she was doing this until yesterday when she told me! I’ve never seen any of these pics before!

Proud Dad


I’ve been training her since she was 18 months old! :smiley:


That definitely comes through!


She’s very good! I can see why you are proud.


Those are really beautiful, you should be very proud!


Very talented! You should be very proud!!


Holy Moley. That is sum serious skills. Movement and color, emotion and expression. thanks for sharing.


She is doing Amazing! :grinning:
It looks like she has a Great Future in Art/Design!


I have very high hopes for her :slight_smile: