Character Ornaments and Box (with file)

Hi everyone! My gift to the Glowforge community on this Thanksgiving, in preparation for Christmas decorating, I put together a set of 6 character ornaments and a layered hinged box for them. Mario, Pooh, Spongebob, Sonic, The Grinch, and a Minion. Can’t wait to get the tree out and see how they look strung up!

When I ran it, it did close a path on the box front portion and put a weird line between the minion’s armpit and Pooh’s sleeve. I couldn’t figure out where in the file why it did it, I moved a node or two slightly, hopefully it fixed it, so good luck. My apologies if it does the same to you. Enjoy, and until next creation, Happy Forging!

Character Ornaments and Box


Wow, i love your stuff, thanks for the share! I’m sure there’ll be lots that enjoy it!


Thank you! Too cute. Happy Thanksgiving!


These are very nice. Thank you.


Very nice share! Perfect for the tree!


Ohmygosh, you are so generous! Thank you!


These are great! My grandkids, ( and Kids!) will love these!

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super cute thank you

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Awesome. Thanks!


This is wonderful. Thank you so much!

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This is great! Thanks for the file.

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Thank you so much for sharing - my grandson will love these!!

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These are great! Thank you! Mario is the favorite of our Grandson.

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Thank you for sharing. Can I ask how you painted them?

I’m sorry, I’m new to the forums, but my kiddos would love these! How does one download these?

Right click the file (directly under the photgraph) in the original post and save as svg to your computer.

Is there anyway you could show how to put it together? Printed perfectly. Thanks.

Nevermind, I just figured it out. Still AWESOME!

Made on Draftboard. Most of the colors are watercolor marker (plain ol’ crayolas). White and brighter colors I use colored pencil. Metallic silver is Silver Sharpie.

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Am I missing where were are supposed to down load these?