Charging station (iPhone + Apple Watch)

I made this charging station for my phone and watch from a design I saw on Pinterest like many of you probably seen.

Here my testings and design process:
I had to do a bunch of tests to figure out the settings to cut 1/2 " cherry plywood from inventables. without charring it too much. (somewhere 150/Full x 2 passes)

Then I tested how many engrave passes I needed to make the groove where the cable goes. (3 passes was more than enough at 1000/Full)

I decided to cut the 1/2" plywood for the big gap then glue them together with a base of 1/8" cherry hardwood everything looks great after gluing it but I was an idiot handling it and testing the strength of the wood that I snapped it in two!!! I almost lost it! So I had to add another layer this time of PG maple. After sanding and staining this is what it looks like.

Extra Notes:
-I had to Dremel the heck out of the round hole for the watch charger because the engraving on it was very irregular.
-Solid wood could work better because the inner layers of the plywood burn easy and get pretty charred. (I had to really shave some with the sander to get rid of it), Solid wood will require further testing.
-Also came out with that quick logo for my designs but I feel bad now that I put it there because it wasn’t completely mine… oh well.
-The whole thing is 0.7" thick.



Sweet! :sunglasses::+1:

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Very nice, something I could use everyday. Another project added to the list. Thanks for sharing.

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Looks great

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Nice job!

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There is certain satisfaction that I can make or attempt to make thinks I otherwise would buy. It’s also a good brain workout to figure out how things were made and try to make them.

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Nice one!

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