Chat Support Hours

Are there set hours for chat… I been hanging around or hours waiting for it to come on? Would be nice if they posted some hours…


It’s generally west coast business hours, but that they’re still not there may mean there’s nobody in today who’s trained on the chat software…I think they don’t (yet) post hours because it’s still somewhat hit and miss


I would expect normal working hours assuming that a person has the time to man that while trying to stay ahead of all the other things happening as most of the time there is nothing happening there.

They are also on Pacific time

And thats really horrible I been waiting hours for chat or to just get a file re-uploaded its 3 PM here… my day is done I need to move on now I can’t until I have this file… this is insane…

Umm but I am east coast… how long are we to wait … this is very frustrating!

I’m thinking you need to find a different project. Figure contact with support takes around 3 days. Even in chat there’s a good chance that the same person you’re chatting with wouldn’t have access to the system to reload a file so…

Thanks but no thanks I want to get the Gift of Good Measure printed correctly first before I do anything!

Why don’t you try to print the metric version?

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I had tried both is was all sorts of nuances going on including the light not reading that digital square. It’s fixed now.

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