Cheap 3D Printer to go with your Glowforge

Hey Everyone,

I pre-ordered an M3D Promega 3D Printer a while back and have no use for it now that I have it.
I know that sounds crazy, but I already have access to a lot of 3D printers.
So, I am selling my never-used Promega on Ebay.
It retails for $3,500 and you can learn more about it directly from the manufacturer here: M3D Promega
Note: It is an FDM style printer and the print area is 15.3" x 15.3" x 15.3"
That’s quite big!

I am starting my auction at only $1 and there is no reserve.
So, I’m putting the printer’s fate in the hands of the 3D printing gods.
Thought I would let you all know about this early on.
Here is a link to the listing:

I’m not sure if posting this is allowed. If not, please remove the post and accept my apology.
I like this forum and most certainly don’t want to be booted out.



Looks like you’ll probably do okay. I considered backing that one when they were in Kickstarter mode but I have a smaller M3D that they were having troubles delivering while also starting up the new Pro. The smaller one has never worked that well. I’m much happier with the Prusa.

(I got rid of all my 3D FDM machines by donating them to the local Makerspace so I’d have room for the GF…then got sucked into the M3D and when that was delayed took @marmak3261’s advice and got the Prusa. My wife says I have a problem with maker machines, :slight_smile:)


I’ll trade you my extra Glowforge Basic. :grinning:

One of those impulse buys that I should have abstained from. Now, I have two giant cardboard boxes in storage. I thought that with living in two houses, I should have a GF in each. Now, girl friend turned fiance and houses condensing, the extra GF isn’t needed.


Congrats, though!

It’s puzzle season again… your puzzle is getting to the top of the pile to solve next.

Nice printer. The cube style printers like this are almost always more reliable / consistent and easier to get better quality than printers with moving beds (on the Y axis, as opposed to Z like this one). Of course, the trade off is the extra cost of all the additional components that are required to make that work. Hopefully you have a quick sell!

That’s more tempting than I expected. I have to keep telling myself “what on Earth do you need two Glowforges for?” If only having two Glowforges actually meant double the work area!

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You could put them on a rack and stack them. The more difficult part would be getting it from NJ to CO in one piece. As we all know, GF had a problem with UPS delivering units in one piece. So, even if you said yes, unless one of us drives cross country, it’s probably a deal killer. I’ll continue to watch the ebay post, and unlike @jamesdhatch, my addiction to tools will remain at arms length. I’ll keep telling myself, “you don’t need a 3D printer, you don’t need a 3D printer…”

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I’ve had two replacement units shipped via FedEx – both had pristine boxes with all four handles still in place. :slight_smile:


Sold! Looks like I was able to get my initial investment back. Looking forward to putting that money towards 3D printing all of my parts from now on using an HP multi-jet fusion 3D printer.

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Wow! Those are like $50K! Did you win the lottery?!

They are actually more like $350k. But, I didn’t say I was buying one! You can print on the HP using sites like and
There is a small product development company about an hour north of me that has one. Avid Product Development. I print with them. Their prices are better, shipping times are quicker and I like supporting small businesses when possible. I do still have a Flashforge Creator Pro for when I need something within a few hours. Everything else will go to the HP.


Ahhh - very cool. I’m your buyer btw. Your post on here paid dividends :sunglasses:

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I’m shipping it out on Tuesday. You will likely have it in hand by the end of next week.
I’m excited for you!


Very cool! I feel like a new driver whose first car is a 911 Turbo, but I suppose the consequences of screwing up a print are much lower. Let the learning curve commence!


And so now I need something more than Inkscape, which I’ve been using for GF since I started out. How I wish I’d spent that time in Fusion 360! So now I’m spending a LOT of time in YouTube, soaking up Fusion 360 lessons from Lars Christensen. I started thinking about how F360 designs could be made with the GF in mind, so I searched the forums as a starting point to see what others were doing, and I found a fantastic webinar series - and it turned out to be taught by YOU! Great job on the webinars, I’m in 00 right now and soaking it in.

So glad you enjoyed my webinars. I enjoyed making them and learning a whole lot along the way. I’ve upgraded my reach by hosting live webinars on the official Fusion 360 YouTube channel. My first one can be found here:
You will need to skip ahead a few minutes to skip the beginning with no audio.
I’m hosting another one later this week (link to follow) on how to design wooden living hinges. It will be way better than my previous video on that topic.
I hope you are able to join.


@Secret_Sauce, glad you sold it at the price you were looking for. I really don’t have room for it yet anyway. Or, time…

One day though, I’ll come back to this thread and figure out what to buy.

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Ok so you guys talked me into the Pro Mega Quad for $2,000 that is able to mix colors and all that stuff, but while I can make the 3D objects easy enough in Blender the rest I am still all “babe in the woods” and wondering what I should be looking for to proceed.

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