Cheap Adobe Illustrator?

The one thing I would like is InDesign. I used Pagemaker for many years. I got out of education just about when they went to CS and no longer got upgrades. There really isn’t anything that I have found open sourced that does layout as well as InDesign. I can do a lot with Scribus, but there are a few features that it lacks. I have checked for a year or so, but I’m fixing to update my family cookbook and it’s in InDesign.


Another advantage of using Inkscape is the longer you use Inkscape for free the longer you can avoid paying Adobe big bucks to use their only possibly marginally better software.

Personally, I find Illustrator to be a total POS.


[quote=“elsman18, post:14, topic:8020”]
then you get all adobe products for $10 a year.
[/quote]Is that a US thing? Because it’s certainly not the case anywhere else!

I only know the few details I’ve said here, my understsnding is it is nationwide but I am sorry if it is not. I would be extremely surprised if it is local as I am in one of th “poorer” states of the USA

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I have the CS5 version of inDesign if I can help in any way.


There are some specialized apps out that do a bit ore advanced autotrace/vectorization of images. I don’t have link, but I know that they are not super expensive.
(joke)There are occasional sales which really help with shipping (joke).

Web search:

(for Mac Only )


I tried all of these online options and rapidresizer did what I wanted with the centerline toggle on. Just a single line to cut based a bitmap image


resulting svg :+1:


which cut quite nicely!