Cheap Adobe Illustrator?

Hey guys, I decided to take a look and see what the current price is for Adobe Illustrator (You all make it sound so good!) and I found this:

Usually they say that anything that sounds too good to be true typically is. For about $30 you can get CS6 Adobe Illustrator (usually about $230 or so). This is the “full” software and not a subscription. But with the lack of proper English Grammar on their site, it’s hard for me to take them seriously. Has anyone used D&G software before? Are they actually Legit?

I’ve always balked at paying multiple hundreds of dollars for a piece of software (those prices are typically reserved for OS), and until I get very comfortable with the free stuff I don’t feel that the cost is worth it for something I won’t use all the time.


I would be very cautious. The domain was only registered April 17, 2017


Just make sure the “license” is included or you might find yourself saying some bad things. :wink:

(Got totally taken on a CorelDRAW purchase last year …not necessarily from these guys, but from an outfit that does that sort of thing. It looked legit, but I waited a few months to install it, and the code didn’t work. Oddly, I can’t find that site any more.)


I would say the old adage holds here, too. I’ve never balked at paying for software – even if I couldn’t afford it, I recognize the right of the creators to get paid for their work and the tools they create. Like any work, it is worth what the creator is willing to charge for it.

I know I would be very unhappy if one of my artworks was being sold by someone else for a fraction of my price.

I think the best buy in software I ever made was when a client paid me for a job with a fully licensed version of Zbrush 1.0 he had bought for me. While the current version costs $795, it is worth every penny – and the creator is doing something truly remarkable. Once owned, Pixologic has provided every new update for FREE. Best software ever.


@julybighouse As far as I know the current legal version of Illustrator is only available as a monthly service from Adobe. Any shrinkwrap software you buy is going to be at best an older version and at worst a pirated illegal copy of an older version.

Caveat emptor.


I would seriously take a look at Affinity Designer. I believe it’s now offered for Windows, also. I have it for Mac and a few other regulars do, as well. Reviews have said it gives AI a run for the money…which is very reasonable…and no subscription.


If they are selling legit old copies, CS6 was the last stand-alone release and was great.
I don’t know how you could be sure they were actually legit copies without testing… and if you are running a newer OS (like mac sierra or win10) you may have issues, as these were not officially supported by CS6.
I am still running legacy versions (cs3 and cs5.5) on legacy computers, and they still work great… but I have really come to enjoy some of the newer features present in CC.
That said, I keep seeing people using cool little features and extensions in Inkscape that are often not available for free in CC. Generally there is a similar, paid plug-in for illustrator, but not always.


Inkscape is free, but you can be nice and donate for their efforts.
Affinity is very affordable, but lacks a few nice features, however very competitive.
Adobe Illustrator 6 (which still seems to run on my Mac) was not subscription, but I think every version after that is?


I really like AD (and went ahead an bought Afinity Photo, too). Fast, lightweight apps that work really well. The interfaces can be a bit of a head-scratcher for old- long-time AI/PS users, though.

The one feature I’d love to see them add is auto-trace… :confused:


I ran with CS6 long after Adobe started the CC versions. It was fine until I moved to a Surface Pro with its super-high res screen. This caused all of the menus and controls to become Lilliputian and unreadable without a magnifying glass. I fixed the problem somewhat with registry hacks, but had to redo them with each upgrade of Win10. That became tiresome, and I eventually just caved and bought the CC version.


In My opinion software is usually worth the $, However if you don’t anticipate using it often Adobe has free trials to test drive the software & after that the monthly CC isn’t bad. That way you only pay while you’re using it & when you’re done with the project you’re also done paying for software you may not need anymore.

Apple ecosystem users / Fusion360 fans should also check out Autodesk Graphic. I have been learning it and the iPad and Mac versions are fun to play with.

In general though, Affinity Designer seems to be better regarded among Mac users.


Gees…are you my twin or something? I bought Affinity Photo, too…though haven’t even used it yet and wonder if I really need it. I’ll find out over time. Ditto me on the auto trace. Not long after I bought AD, I wrote to the creators and asked about that feature. They said that they are working on it. Sure is taking a long time, but if we ever get it, it will be well-worth the wait. Sort of like waiting for our Glowforges!

I have mentioned it before on here but if you have a relative that is a teacher or in the teaching field (principal, data coach…) then you get all adobe products for $10 a year. Not each but a blanket license for all adobe.


That’s a deal offered to people who are merely related to a teacher?

As far as I understood, it’s my spouse so that may be the rule but not to my understanding. Limited to 2 people is the only restriction when she was given the licenses


I’ll echo a lot of people on here when I say be cautious with that site – and I’ll echo @tem in recommending Inkscape if you can’t afford to get Adobe Illustrator yet. Honestly, as much as I’m pretty good with Illustrator and use it sometimes at my makerspace, at this point, I do all of my laser designs in Inkscape – I find that, at least for my purposes, it’s a bit easier and faster to use for drawing in hairlines (i.e. your full-depth and partial depth vector cut paths).


Wow that must be nice. We just got our Adobe bill at my work and it was around 25k for just over 30 licenses.

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Yeah it’s nice, I don’t know how much the government pays towards the licenses just what my out of pocket is. It’s a necessity for her job so I figured I might as well take advantage of it


One huge advantage I get for being faculty is I get education pricing. $300/year for everything adobe makes. Yes I could get the smaller package, but i use PS, LR, AI, ID and once in a blue moon premier or after effects.