Cheap bracelet material


Someone contacted me today wondering if I could make bracelets out of a cheap material that would be comparable to the silicone bracelets that are so popular (but over done at this point). He was asking about something that looks like leather but is cheaper…does anyone have suggestions? I checked out the proofgrade and realized the only materials that are wearable/pliable enough for bracelets are the leathers. I know we have to be cautious about what we cut so…?


The vegan leather from Johnson plastics could be one option, sheets are pretty cheap:


Cosplayers use Worbla and Wonderflex to make a lot of stuff. I saved the names so I could look up material properties later; haven’t gotten around to it yet, but maybe one of them would be useful. EVA foam would be cheap, but maybe not durable enough…


I’ve been experimenting with some of the JP leather @redshift mentioned. It has a nice finish. However, note the backside is a felt like material.