Cheap Chinese... fiber lasers?

This kind of popped up in my AliExpress feed…

Looks to be a 20W fiber laser. I’m almost tempted to throw $1450 to get something that would at minimum etch metal, but possibly cut through a few thin layers. Has anyone played with low-wattage fiber lasers to share their experience with them?

Edit: Yes, I’m aware it’s probably an error and an impossibly low price… More likely it would be $7450 rather than $1450…


Ive never seen a fiber laser that small cut metal. That being said, you never know what the Chinese can mass produce next. Maybe it is a grand.


I couldn’t find much on wattage in fiber lasers. But here is a 2 kW cutting 2mm brass:

So I hesitate to think a 20W will do anything but mark. And $1,450 buys you a LOT of moly-lube.


My first impression as well. Thought maybe it was a typo. 200W? That would be interesting for under a grand.

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Well from other offerings on their store page, I’m pretty sure they’re in the 20-50W range. But in terms of price, almost all of them start at least at $4000 and up. If I think anything is a typo, it’s the price: someone mistyping a “1” instead of “4” or “7” on a numeric keypad.

Yeah, thinking that marking and paint vaporizing is the limit… but taking time to apply molylube and rapidly marking things are not CO2’s strong points. If you have a lot of things to mark.

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Those ring engraves are awesome. With the hands in shot it is almost certainly real time. The mark is quite solid.

I am curious what the difference is in the white and black marking on the stainless. Since white was MUCH faster, I would guess it is actual material removal vs simply bleaching the annodized layer.

The video sells me on thinking that for anyone who will put out production quantities, even a 20W is worth picking up.