Cheap Glazed Ceramic Tiles

I picked up some cheap glazed ceramic tiles at Home Depot. 22 cents per 3"x6". I had heard that using a mask and then painting before mask removal was the way to go. So, I wanted to give it a comparison go.

On the left is with masking, on the right is without. Frankly, it was easier to clean the excess paint off the unmasked one than it was to clean the little mask bits off the masked one.

And the results from the unmasked seem a little more consistent.

Full power @ 800 zooms or so.


Thanks! Full power Basic? Or Pro?

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Pro, but basic full would be fine, I think.

Default LPI. 275?

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No need for stinking tape with acrylic tiles … just wet with paint and wipe the excess off! :sunglasses:

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Just a head’s up. I foolishly bought expensive (not cheap) laser tile from

20% of my order arrived broken and cracked.

I emailed them some photos, no response.

I vote for this beautiful cheap tile going forward!

Yeah, mine too. The tile lasers beautifully though - a rich deep black color and no break in the finish.

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Oh, man. That’s really unfortunate!!

The laser tile stuff’s glaze doesn’t get removed or damaged during the engrave. So, that’d be an advantage. Beyond that, though…

I’ve been looking into food safe, durable, sealing methods. I have a neighbor with a kiln, so we are going to try engraving and then wiping on a glaze of some sort. That might yield some pretty spectacular results.

I’m also exploring food safe, dishwasher safe, coatings., of which there are several.

And, of course, ya’ll good folk will hear of the results!