Cheap LED flashlight hack


Stumbled onto this, and thought I might whip one out with the forge, with the exception of embedding the LED’s in the edge of a frame to hold a 6x8" x1/4" etched acrylic image to be edge lit.


Probably address the ease of battery replacement also.


Oh man, I love this! Thanks so much–can’t wait to try it!


I really thought the most creative aspect of this project was his wire dispenser rack at 2:45 into the video. All if my wire is just tossed into a box that I have to dig through to find what I want. :smirk:


This might be a better option for the electronically and welding challenged…lol


It’s a clever idea, but given how cheap you can find LEDs for that you don’t need to hack, it’s probably not worth the time for most of us.


I just happen to have the flashlight he used, plus I like to tinker so that flashlight is in serious danger of being reconfigured.


Look at the link just above your comment. These are led light strips that work off batteries


Free is still free. For those that want to learn there first circuits, this would be a good one. Not many tools needed and if you mess up then oh well. Buying ready made components all the time really doesn’t teach you in the long run.


Yes, I saw it.


I am sure I will avail myself of the ease and availability (thanks for the link @smcgathyfay) of the ready made strips, but that free flashlight is calling my name…


My daughter is an electrical engineer…I would probably have to ask her to make it for me…I would either shock myself or start a fire…lmao.


I’m an Electrical Engineer. Made some really nice unintentional fires.


I was thinking the same thing, just because you’re an electrical engineer that does not mean you won’t shock yourself (as if you would even notice a 4.5 volt shock) or start a fire. It just means you will be able to understand how it happened :slight_smile:


That sounds like the EE intern we had at a past job - after a week or so he earned himself we started calling him “Sparky”:smiling_imp:


Love it! DIY on the cheap! :wink:

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