Checkers/Chess/Tak Master Board

Hey y’all!

I’ve been working on a chess/checkers/tak master board for a bit, and thought I could share the base file with you (my final one is going to have pearl inlay and flourishes all over it, so upgrades are in progress).

This is the full design:

I have them in AI and SVG:
Game Board - Base (233.3 KB)
Game Board - Base (183.8 KB)

Since I’ve been playing with the layers and shapes, I noticed in my Glowforge that if I have white shapes on top of engraved shapes, they were showing through on the different settings, I broke them up into groups available for you to ignore for customization or play with settings of your own. (File is named “12x12” because it fits on a 12 inch x 12 inch piece of material. I name my files like that so I know quickly what to grab.)

Layer 1 is the outer cut line. 11 inch x 11 inch or 279.4 mm x 279.4 mm
Layer 2 is the grey blocks with the corners cut out:

Layer 3 is the white outlines at the corners:

Layer 4 is the white diamonds at the corners by themselves:

Layer 5 is the black inner diamonds:

Layer 6 is the black lines set to stop at the white diamonds:

Layer 7 is the black outer diamonds that appear as outlines:

This is the base I used for a couple of my checkers boards including a Battlestar Galactica one:


I should note that you don’t want to have layer 3 and 4 on engrave at the same time unless you want to do a 2nd pass. I like 4 as a vector engrave/score mark.


That’s a very nice board. Pearl inlay will really put it over the top—don’t forget to show us when you finish it. Thanks for the design!


you are a genius


Looks great! Very kind of you to share your work.

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Really loving that mirrored one! (Looks like it belongs on the Galactica.) :grinning:


Impressive! Thanks for the write up and file share.


Love, love, love the design!