Chef Knife Sheath


We’re going on a weekend trip to the beach and we always bring our own cooking utensils because we never like the utensils at the AirBnB’s. Before the GF, I always made a makeshift cardboard knife sheath. Inevitably, it would always get lost or damaged and I had to make another one so that I could safely transport it. Not this time.

-Took a picture of the knife
-Imported picture into Fusion 360
-Calibrated image to knife dimensions
-Traced profile of knife
-Exported SVG using Shaper plug-in

There’s 3 layers to the knife two outer sheaths and a center layer to create a space for the knife. I added a notch at the top of the sheath so that I could hook a rubber band to keep the knife from sliding out.


What a great idea! Love the “lock”. :grinning::+1:


Great job, I plan on making timber “sayas” in a similar way when my GF eventually arrives. I’m in Australia and the wait just got extended again. Still hanging in for it.


Clever trick with the rubberband. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool! Is that acrylic? Would be great in leather as well.


It is acrylic. I had not considered leather.


polypropylene would be a good choice also, will not dull the blades. Great Design and clever latch.


Score a hit in the “well done” category. Good job.


Nice! Especially the safety catch!