Cherry hardwood

Wondering if anyone has engraved Cherry hardwood (not PG) before and if so what settings you might have used. I got tired of the crappy store bought guages I had in yesterday, so what does one do when he has a lathe? Make his own of course! Made a sexy pair of Cherry guages from some stock I had left over from my former project I couldn’t ever get off the ground (18+ in nature, don’t ask unless you really want to know). I’m looking at them today wondering what the possibility of engraving these bay boys might be without destroying the hard work I put in last night

I have a very small surface to work with about 15 mm but a small engraving should be fine. If you have settings that have worked before for you let me know!


honestly, when i’m doing hardwood (like cherry), i always start my first test with PG cherry hardwood settings. and then adjust for the piece of wood and the results i want.


500/50/225 works well for me.


Basically you are looking for the sweet spot between able to read the mark and having it too wide to be precise. I think that is different for everyone, as well as every different stick of wood. Ten power and top speed as a score will get you very thin marks, at 40 power they will be wider but longer lasting.