Cherry Veneer with 3m tape

Hi…I bought a few sheets of this cherry veneer. Has anyone here have experience with it?

The items I have engraved do not look good at all…I’ve tried different settings all with the tape on.

Do you have any suggestions in settings? What kind of items you used it on? I’m wondering more for finishing larger items.

I’m assuming by “tape” you mean the masking on the front, not the sticky tape on the back…if so, when engraving, most of us peel the masking off first. You lose a lot of your fine detail by leaving it on, and engravings just won’t look as good.


Just on the veneer or in general?

in general.

Oh, and you never will get great contrast with cherry veneer by just engraving it. Oak is best for strong contrast.

A good way to use your cherry is to leave the mask on, do a low detail engrave where you are either burning all the way through the mask or not at all and then treat with paint or the like before removing the mask.

I did not see “oak” in the proofgrade offered here? Where do I get that?

I have 40 acres of woods but none of it ready to use anytime soon! lol

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What kind of paint would you suggest? I remember reading extensively about paint here and on youtube but there was just too much information…I’ve forgotten.

Sorry, I meant Maple, now that I’m this old I’ve got to stop typing things just from memory!

As to paints, there are a lot of people that are far better to ask this of than myself but I have like the simplicity of acrylics.

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You might try the Empress tree if they are not banned. You might get useable wood every five years or so.

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