Cherry Wood Votive Candle Holders

I have been making votive holders from solid cherry wood. It cuts very well and
the cut edge is shiny purple color. I use Danish Oil to finish them.

My wife is the photographer. Getting the lighting and camera setting
right took some experimentation.


Wow! I love the variety in the styles. Awesome work!!


Wow a person after my own heart :heart_eyes:

Also in cherry


I am partial to Celtic knots. I like the knot work on your creation.


Love the designs.

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Oh, very nice indeed!

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Nice designs! I like the simplicity of the bigger finger joints, too. They look heavy. 1/8inch cherry or thicker? Curious if it is proofgrade or do you have a different supply?

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The candles are as good as bananas for sizing, Mine are close to the same size and that would make the wood a quarter inch or so. I love the range of screens but prefer a top that will make cool shadows on the ceiling and smaller fingers.

Very nice selection.


Yes, The wood is 1/4 inch. I get 3.5" wide pieces from a supplier on ebay.
One piece makes four bottoms or the four sides of one box. I like the idea of a top,
but the box would have to be taller or bigger overall to use a real candle. We sell them with
a beeswax candle in a glass votive. The candles are taller when first made and we did not have 12
that had burned down half way for a good photograph, so we use the standard ~ 0.5" votive
in an aluminum base. All of the solid wood scraps from the laser cutting is used in my bee smoker. So in a distant sense the beeswax candles are also made with a glowforge.


Ahh, mine are designed around the readily available LED candles that do an excellent job of being indistinguishable from other tea lights except they don’t magically turn all other wood to ash.

I have been working on a totally different look that would be great to make in black iron with frosted glass sides, and be great with regular candles, but that would need a totally different set of tools,

The simplest type at about $0.50 each with lots more even made of wax with colors or timing so they turn on for 4 hours every 24

Nice that you made so many different styles. They are lovely!

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