Cheshire purse

I got to spend the day with a friend I don’t see nearly often enough despite her living a short ferry ride away. When she missed the boat she’d been planning on catching it left me with a little time to kill until the next ferry and since the office is just down the road…

I started adapting an earlier design Thursday night because I wanted to get the thick leather down to a single sheet of :proofgrade:. Thursday’s print failed because I forgot an important detail for the corners… and it was 11:00 at night before I realized it. I got the file fixed on Friday but I didn’t have a chance to run the print again so today seemed like a great opportunity.

The thick leather pieces fit on a single sheet of :proofgrade:barely. The standard leather bits are easy enough to pull off pieces in the scrap bin, they’re only an inch wide.

Overall, it still needs a bit of refinement, and I need to get around to building a strap… but not bad for an unexpected hour of time today :slight_smile:

*I swear I didn’t set out to dye this to match my hair… I just happened to pick up a bag of nickle D-rings for another project and I went looking for something that would go with the hardware since the earth tones I’ve been working in lately didn’t feel right… If I’d had more oxblood in the bottle I’d have made another run at a galaxy pattern but that’ll have to wait for another project.


Drooling again. (Makes things messy around here.) :smile:
(And even more so over the idea of a scrap bin of :proofgrade: leather bits!)


Very nice!


Love that design, and the fact that you got it to one sheet of leather. And that shelf of neatly stacked Proofgrade has me drooling!


Nice work Jae!
I really like your material storage solution - and that grin! The method of joining the pieces with shapes instead of rivets or stitching is inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us! :sunglasses:


I can’t take credit for this one, I just consider myself exceptionally fortunate to have such a thing at work and available to use!

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