Chess Board

We watch the Queens Gambit and it gave everyone in the house the bug to play Chess.

Well we didn’t have a chess set, so off to the 3D Printer and the Glowforge we go :slight_smile:

For those of you that have a 3D Printer, here are the STL’s

And here is the board I designed. (47.7 KB)
Hope you enjoy it.


You should check out the banter blitz series on youtube. Top tier chess players chatting about their thought processes while they play. The world champion (Magnus Carlsen) is really interesting to watch.

Also see Agamator’s channel, and Hiraku Nakamura is really accessible too. Lots of good chess resources on youtube right now, it’s having a moment.


This looks great…makes me want a 3d printer…my husband would kill me if I get one more ‘craft’ item!

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Thanks. These are really nice.

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I love how you designed the spiral chess pieces, and made the board into a storage box. Great work!

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I can not take credit for the Chess Pieces, that was someone else’s brilliant design.

But thanks for the compliments on the board/box :grin:

As always, thanks for sharing your project design.

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Great show for sure! Nice job on the the project!

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Could double as a checkers box too—thanks!

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The chess pieces turned out very nice.
may I ask what 3D printer you have?

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The enclosure turned out really well. The 3D printed pieces are really great too. Thank you for sharing.

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I have several, but those were printed on the creality CR-6 SE