Chess Set Holder

I visited Africa many years ago and while there acquired a “Big Five” Chess set that has the Big five African animals as the chess pieces (out of a resin material) It came in a cardboard box and we have had it set up for years collecting dust. I thought I would build a holder to display the Board and pieces, and this is what I came up with.

Chessboard Holder3
Chessboard Holder2
Chessboard Holder1

The holders are out of 1/4" poplar, the Engraving in the middle is just 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood, and the 2 end caps are out of 1/16" Maple.
I was suprised how well the Baltic Birch ended up matching the color of the chessboard.


That is really cool. The way you designed it also will keep it from falling off the shelf. Really neat set!


Oh that’s gorgeous!

How easy is it to pull the board out to play? Now that it’s on display you may find the desire to play is larger :slight_smile:


This is a beautiful chess set, and you have masterfully displayed it. Gorgeous!

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Another example of your excellent design and execution!

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The holder actually hangs on the wall. There is a U shaped block that slips down over the top to lock the board in place, and the little engraving on the top has a dowel that locks the U block in place, so getting the board out is easy.


Awesome, love the center piece!

That’s a beautiful chess set, and your display perfectly complements its design.

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