Chess sets

I again adapted Steve Good’s scroll saw pattern for the Glowforge. This was his 2017 chess pieces that he posted so that we could have games to play while we shelter at home. I made one for wood and then changed it a little bit more for acrylic. I did not change either enough to be able to give the files but if you check out Steve’s site I am sure you can adapt it also.


(For those wondering - )


Thank you I should have put the link up.

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Those are incredible!!!

All the more so, when you consider these were designed to be cut by hand with a scroll saw!

It’s no wonder traditional woodworkers look at us as heretics! :blush:

Steve has a large number of free plans available on his site.


And he sells the whole collection on a thumb drive for cheap. It’s worth buying it every couple of years to support the work he does (& get the new stuff that he hadn’t done the last time you bought it).


I have an RBI Hawk scroll saw. I wouldn’t say that the cuts are by hand. but it darn sure is more involved than a laser :slight_smile:
I got it to be able to cut stained glass. something Beamer will never do.


Great work! Neat looking pieces!

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Fun project!

I love his work, and really need to load up the disc I bought of his designs.

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