Gosh! Look at that!



I really like the jigsaw puzzle board. Very nice.


Now that is pretty cool. Nice job!


I like it. Well done. :sunglasses:




Very cool idea!
Really liking that band clamp you have there!


Very unique! Great job!


The board, the pieces, the box – every bit is just fantastic! This is one game that will be passed down through the generations.


Amazing job!


I was wondering what to do about boxing up my chess pieces now I know. Great job, love the puzzle board.


chess (9.3 KB)


Very cool chess set!


Thank you for the file


You will need to tapy tap tap its a glue free design

Ant the top lid will need some tooth sanding so that it’s usable


After printing out you file I realized that my pieces were too tall and the bases were a little to big. I made the bases smaller and altered your sides by increasing them by two finger joints.

Thank you again, I not only got a good box but added to my knowledge of Inkscape.