Chestnuts roasting under a tightly collimated fire


Goofing around tonight, not really trying to get excellent results by doing a decent setup since I don’t like chestnuts. :snowflake:


combustion exhaust nipping at your nose…


I see a pew in there…:smile:


Yeah… not too bad considering the surface of the chestnut was only 3/8" below the bottom of the laser head, WAY outta focus range. Kinda impressed the air assist didnt blow it out of the hole in the acrylic that cradled it.


“Tiny little tots with their eyes all on a glow(forge)”

Folks dressed up in home-forged clothes…


Hey, maybe with the crumb tray out this could be a new way of cutting that “X” or whatever shape in the skin so it peels easily. A chestnut roasting assistant for a mere 3 grand :wink:


Have laser, will pew anything that fits :joy:

I thought about “personalized pecans” here in Georgia, but couldn’t figure out the legal hoops I would have to go through to sell them (is it a food item if it is protected in its own packaging?:joy:)