Chicago CTA Sign for our old stop when we lived there

Made this for my wife for Christmas. Not crazy, but second major project I tried with Glowforge. Really simple.

I’ve had this idea ever since we moved to Ohio from Chicago a few years ago. Originally I was going to try to use a scroll saw to cut out all the letters, but there’s no way my (not so great) scroll saw skills could compete with the Glowforge haha

It’s about 5 feet long. The larger letters are about 6" tall (the capitals/full height letters) and the smaller letters/numbers are about 2.75" tall.

More details here:


Love it! Great write-up too!

So cool!

Now that is sweet. Great way to show sometimes it’s simple things that touch us. Very well done.

Really classy! I’ll have to think about doing this for my Blue Line stop (River North on Grand Ave).

I’m in Chicago. Want me to just steal the real signs for you?