Chicken Frame


Made a simple frame for a silly cross stitch piece a few months ago. It ended up perfect for a friend’s housewarming present. (She keeps chickens.)


(PS I found the adorable chicken vectors on which is a Japanese site that collects “copyright free” art. It’s hard to navigate through if you don’t know Japanese but it has some cute stuff.)

GF Power Use

That is adorable. She will love it!




4 Chickens and a Funeral? :smiley:


Very cute!


Making something to frame something you made - awesome!


Very cute! (Love the little chicks running around) :grinning:


Honestly I never thought about the GF as an infinite frame making machine. But now that I know what it can do… frames for everything!


VERY nice!
How did you fix the stitching? Just glue?


Nope just a mounting board. Normally I wouldn’t use it because it’s not acid free and it makes washing impossible but since this is just a small thing I went lazy.