Chilling Pad

Weve already seen some users here build some apparatus to provide cool air to the intake region of the glowforge. I could see a potential product with similar proportions to the filter unit, but providing cool air to the intake.

Granted this does seem a bit inefficient compared to either having an active cooling module that could be installed or just buying a pro upgrade, but could be potentially useful for those in hotter climates.

Or you could just buy a regular AC and run a vent line directly under the intake lol. Eh this was obviously something I thought of while in the bathroom. Might as well hit post for the lulz


That’s a good example of how inspiration works. Your active control mind is busy with mindless tasks that happen all the time, allowing the creative mind to be free to make connections and new insights. For me, it’s driving. I actually listen to fewer podcasts and less music since I have the Glowforge. I let my mind wander a lot over projects and plans.

I have a big slab of marble in my kitchen. It really is amazing. Since it is not sealed and is porous, unlike most of the granite countertops, I wet it down lightly, wipe it off and let evaporative cooling do its work. Then I can roll out pie crusts in the summer without the dough turning to mush immediately. But in a high humidity environment, evaporative cooling is less than desireable.

Let’s hope they can tweak the firmware to protect the tube but allow for a wider range of operating temperatures.


Once my warranty is up I will probably be adding an external peltier cooler. Should be fairly easy to couple into the coolant (or water jacket an existing tube) and insert the hot side into the exhaust airflow.

That said, it is mid summer and my basement has yet to get above 74F.


i was thinking the same thing, that it should be an easy out of warranty mod for those comfortable. i haven’t messed with peltier coolers since my old lab days, though.

only slightly relatedly: we have a loft that i work in that gets very hot, and while it’s not much of a burden to supplement the terrible HVAC with a window unit, it does seem silly to waste 750 watts just to cool the area where i sit. i’ve been brainstorming for a while now about creating some sort of chilling pad (not unlike the shirts worn by racecar drivers) that would basically just cool me and me alone.

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I think these are already available in chair cover form.

Adafruit has a cooling module already assembled. For $35 you could just set it on top of the heat exchanger in the GF


have you seen any that use a body of water and can fit over an office chair? if so i’m down, i just hadn’t been able to find them. most of them promise to but just end up blowing hot air up…well, you know where.


I dont know if this is still available but this is a thermoelectric seat cover so you can also heat in the winter.


hey thanks!

pricey but tempting, ngl. now to see if my limited skills can engineer my own copy…

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I don’t see how it would be difficult to do… but what do I know, I’m just building an entire car… :smiley:


I was imagining something like those fan powered cooling pads for laptops? I’ve never used one, so I’ve no idea how effective they are.

they’re just a fan so it’ll cool to ambient.

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