Chipping on the back of cuts

Lately I’ve been getting little chips on the back of my cuts. I haven’t noticed them this bad prior to last week. Cleaned the machine really well but it didn’t seem to help.


Short version: there are ways to mitigate it, you should read other threads about “flashback”, the answers are in there :slight_smile:


Thank you! I didn’t know what it was called so it was difficult to search for it. I tried chipping, chip, etc. but mostly got info on the actual chips in the GF.


I am wondering if it’s this new batch of wood. I’ve experienced it prior to this but it’s always been very minor and I’ve never masked the back. It’s only been this bad since last week and it’s a new order of BB. I’ll try the suggestions listed on the thread you provided. Really appreciate it!


Yep. Natural materials just aren’t 100% consistent and processing isn’t either. Could help to just dial back settings a smidge.


Carefully measure the thickness of your bb. I see .119 and.125 mostly but I’ve gotten some at .129 too. If you’re used to .125 and had your settings very carefully dialed in and now your batch is .119, you’ll see overburn flashback for sure.


yea. The stuff they sell on amazon is between 3 and 3.2 mm thick. You’d think that’s close enough, but if you dial in the power for cuts on 3.2, then the flash on 3.0 is huge.

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