Chopping board

Hello. Does anyone know the best setting to engrave a wood chopping board? Specifically an ikea small chopping board.

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First you need to measure the thickness of the board to determine if it will fit on the tray. (Has to be less than 1/2" thick.)

Any thicker and you have to remove the tray. Doing that requires that you prop the cutting board up on something to bring the engraving surface into range. It has to fall within a half an inch from the bottom of the laser head. (From 1.4" to 1.9" from the metal bottom of the machine.)

So measure the board, add something underneath that is the correct height to make the total height between 1.4" and 1.9". Then use the Set Focus tool on the cutting board to get your placement accurate.

After that, just use one of the default engrave settings - Maple plywood or hardwood, as a starting point.


Thank you very much

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Some where on here their was talk about settings . I did one back in June I use the score 3 times work out better for me

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