Christmas boardgaming bling

The Glowforge was an awesome tool for producing some other boardgaming gift projects this Christmas.

First: some custom player boards for Terraforming Mars for my son, in PG Cherry, Frost, and an assortment of other inlaid acrylics.

Then an organizer/keeper in Birch and Frost for all of our Kingdom Builder pieces — with room for if/when we finish expanding it. It’s designed to fit precisely into the game box, right on top/underneath the map + expansion playing boards — though if I took time again to reproduce it, I would make the lid hold on with little neodymium magnets.

Lastly, my sister and BIL are wild about Lords of Waterdeep. Taking some inspiration from the wooden “DNDeeple” pieces I’ve seen sold on Etsy and elsewhere, designed these meeples/resource pieces with my own twist, including some extra character variation. I cut a hundred of these little guys in scored acrylic (1/4") for a stocking stuffer—and probably should have rescued my fingernails from weeding these by buying some Simple Green!


That look great!


Wow, some awesome stuff!


Terrific work! Really well done!


Very impressive!

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This looks fantastic!

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They look amazing!