Christmas came early!

So, after some challenges my Glowforge is finally here. I would have preferred to introduce to everyone in the forum by it’s proper name (Mr. Burns), but after seeing it in person, my girlfriend isn’t convinced it’s a ‘he’, so we might be revisiting the name.

So I live in Canada and was having my Glowforge delivered to my parcel receiving address just over the border in Washington. After receiving my ‘Shipping’ email, I arranged with UPSMyChoice to hold my 'Forge at their distribution down there – and was told I could pick it up the next day. Imagine my surprise when I get an email the next day from my parcel receiving place saying I have a UPS delivery from Glowforge. WTF. I call UPS and sort out that apparently they old held my GF at the facility, the crumb tray went to the other address. Oh well.

Head down to the UPS facility and get my Glowforge. With the exception of it being wheeled out on it’s side – despite the stickers clearly labelling it as ‘Fragile. This end up’ – the box was in excellent condition and had all 4 handles. Open it up anyways to make sure there’s no liquid leaks in the plastic bag and off we go.

Now, I have to say, as much as I knew the dimensions of the box, I clearly lack some spatial awareness, because man, that sucker is big. I had less than 1" clearance between the back of my seat and the hatchback, with the rear seats down. Good thing it fit, because it would have been a long 2.5hr drive back home with the rear hatch open, and the annoying warning beep going off every minute.

Now my biggest regret is that I really won’t have time to set it up and get playing with it until Saturday, but I can’t wait!





Mr. Burns, I love it!

After mine arrived and will all of the time I’ve spent talking about it, my wife said “this is the daughter you always wanted”, so she is named Millie :slight_smile:



My pro arrived an hour ago. So far I’ve only had time to make the ruler.



Congrats and please post pictures of your GF :glowforge: (not the more important GF :wink: ) and your creations!

congrats! can’t wait to see what you make!

Merry Christmas! :sunglasses:

You have to keep the name; Mr. Burns is AWESOME. An escutcheon with his fingers around the button and a dialog bubble like, “Go ahead, press it.” Or so many other possibilities, “Release the laser!”

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“Release the photons”!

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So… Gracie?


Congrats! :grinning:


I received mine this week as well and today (Saturday) I was finally able to set it up and start learning how to use it. A few glitches but I’m pretty sure it was operator error but I’ve been a smiling fool all day.

Oh and we named ours Prometheus, after all he gave fire to man.


Congrats to you too! :grinning: