Christmas Crèche Gallery Space


I was asked to design one of the gallery spaces at the annual Christmas Crèche Exhibit in Palo Alto. Naturally, I put my Glowforge to work. The budget was small and I couldn’t afford wood, so I made everything from cardboard instead. It turned out well! I thought I’d have to recycle it all in the end, but had people ask to take it all home.


You rocked that space. And with cardboard no less. Well done!


Outstanding work! It looks so amazing and I bet it really drew people into the space.


That’s incredible! :hushed:


Wow! Ultra nice job! One question: did you do anything to mitigate the burned smell of the cardboard? I’d like to find a good and easy solution for that.


Hah. Nope. That whole place smelled like a campfire. As did my house.


You nailed it . very creative and with cardboard no less


Cardboard is a beautiful material. In pristine condition it looks very clean. Can get dinged and bent, but good sheets that are flat are pleasing surfaces and the way you used the stenciling look is perfect. For a pop up situation, it really is good. Nice work.

So, whenever we have the Glowforge convention, there will have to be an award ceremony. Not sure what we will call the award object itself. I’m sure there would be some good snarky ironic names. Perhaps we will call the awards the “Dan”, or the “Glowie”. In any case, for best use of cardboard, you would get a nomination and for the moment be a sure winner!




This is amazing! Love that you used cardboard … I mean talking weight alone … makes it amazing! Beautiful work!!!


what if you painted over it? to "cover up " the smell?




You rocked it. Your skills made the material shine.


Really well done. There may be a market there in the “recycled” movement.


What a great use of a :recycle: product!!