Christmas gift for my quilter mother

This photo is actually from before I glued everything together, but it shows the design. They are now glued onto a maple backing (engraved with date and name), and have feet attached to make trivets. I’m really happy with how they came out. The quilt block pattern is Road to California, which happens to be the pattern of Mom’s award-winning genealogy quilt. (Scroll down a bit to see Mom with her quilt.)


Very nice! I am sure your mom will love them.

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Those are beautiful! :grinning:

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Gorgeous! I wonder if you could pour a layer of epoxy resin over the finished piece to protect it from spills. Although, it’s so pretty I’d probably be hanging it on the wall.


Lovely pattern. Bet your mom loves them.

Also, you have good taste in reading material. The Martian was a tough first book to beat, but Artemis is a worthy sophomore effort. IMHO.

My parents are still staying with us, so I got Mom to let me photograph the finished trivets before she takes them home. :slight_smile:

They have been sprayed with a matte finish that I hope will protect them (at least somewhat) from spills. But I have told Mom that I made them to be used, and I don’t want her to frame them and hang them on a wall somewhere. I learned a lot making them, so I can always make new ones if these get ruined somehow.

@dcarolan I haven’t actually read Artemis yet; it was just a book that was sitting in my workspace that I could use for assembling the trivet top. The Martian was a huge favorite, though.


Beautiful! I’ve only made a few quilts … But love this!

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So, are they on the wall? They’re so beautiful, I’d ignore the advice and hang them on the wall.


I don’t know! I haven’t been to visit her since Christmas. :blush: But my expectation would be that she would use them.

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