Christmas Gifts Assortment

My brother’s girlfriend has some kids from a previous relationship so I thought I would send them all a little something. I was thinking about using the GF customizable ornament, but when I asked for a favorite animal or something to put on the ornament, the requests didn’t work as I thought they would. So this is what I ended up with:

I had to bring in the 3D printer also for the little purple spaceman.
The Yin Yang ornament is held together with magnets so each half can be wrapped separately.


Very cool! And i like that they’re different, it makes them unique to each child. :+1:


That is very kind of you!!

Very thoughtful of you! They will
Love it!

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Very eclectic group you’ve got there!

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It’s a nice way to spoil them. And keep them thinking DAD can do anything!

I understand what you mean and appreciate it.

I realize that I didn’t mention the specifics here, but I am not their father, my brother is not their father, and neither of us have any kids of our own, so dad doesn’t factor here. I don’t consider this spoiling either; from what my brother has said they have had a rough life so this is just a little extra cheer for some kids that deserve it.


Well as a mom, the first thing I thought was that it was so nice that you were including them even though they were not biologically yours! It infuriates me when I hear of steps or adopteds that are treated differently. Great work and thanks for your kindness and your brothers. They will remember this.

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Nice! Fitting that the 3D printed one is an impostor among the rest…

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Really nice that you made something different for each of them. Great work.