Christmas/Holiday Cards with Ornaments (from Epilog)

I’ll be making some variations of these this year. My wife and I moved across the country this year, so we felt it’d be appropriate to send out something made by us:

I’m going to go in and modify some things. For some reason they left all the extra bits outside the cut lines, which seems like a waste of material to me. I also plan to engrave a hand-written note somewhere on the front, and do a two-sided job to engrave our name and date on the back of the ornament.

Sorry if this has been shared already. :slight_smile:


Nice. Thanks for the share, and the idea of personalizing with your own message…:sunglasses:

Nice gesture for the company to post. Glowforge should consider a seasonal something like this!


Was actually going to design something like this a little closer to Christmas. :grinning:
(But it’s coming up fast, isn’t it?) :smile:


Please review the rules for the Free Laser Designs category - you must own the design to post it here. I’ll move to Everything Else.


Whoops, thanks @dan.

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Wow, I hate having a great idea only to find out that someone else has already thought of it before me! :rofl: My wife and I have talked about doing this exact thing as gifts, but it is nice that someone has already done a lot of the leg work. I also like the personalized message, that well make at least that portion unique :blush: